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Chinese Century (Sport), Basketball Beijing 2008 Olympics

Chinese Sport and football was born in the Han Dynasty known as ‘cùjū (蹴鞠)’ using a leather ball filled with feathers and bamboo rod goals while golf, known as ‘chuí wán’ (捶丸) or ‘hit ball’, was first played in 1368. 


China is projected to have the biggest sporting economy in the world by 2025. 


China wishes to host the World Cup and has an aim to win by 2050. China is to host the FIFA Club World Cup until 2028 in preparation and 70,000 football fields and 20,000 football schools have also already been constructed.

The CSL has had several distinguished players and managers feature in its history including Didier Drogba, Carlos Tevez, Marcello Lippi, Luiz Felipe Scolari, and Rafael Benitez. Evergrande Guangzhou is constructing the largest football stadium in the world at 100,000 capacity. 

Virtual reality and 3D are being piloted for fans while Beijing and Zhangjiakou (Hebei) hosted the 2022 Winter Olympics featuring historic sustainable technology.

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