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Digital Provinces, Chinese Fourth Industrial Revolution (Artificial Intelligence, 5G, Blockchain, Electric/Autonomous Vehicles, Renewable Energy, 3D Printing, Virtual/Augmented Reality, Drones, Smart Cities, High-Speed Rail, Digital Silk Road, Belt and Road Initiative)
Digital Silk Road (Belt and Road Initiative)

Digital Dragon Dynasty 

The World's First Chinese Fourth Industrial Revolution Belt and Road Investment Academy to also learn Mandarin across 1,500 pages of research and over 7,000 virtual flashcards supported by up to around 400 videos, 10,000 images, and 5,000 sources.

The largest global market research database on the coming Chinese Century and China's Fourth Industrial Revolutionary Blueprint of the Future. The World's Next Major Market for Data and Information is Chinese AI.

We are living in the most radical economic revolution in history yet the world is not prepared for an associated historic geopolitical revolution of a return to a world led by China (and Asia) with the Digital Silk Road providing the most advanced technology of all time; innovated by Chinese capitalism around Chinese super-consumers. 

The Chinese Economy will lead the world by around 2025 (with 55% of GDP digital at about $12 trillion from a global-leading over 9.5% annual expansion driving almost 70% of GDP growth), be $30 trillion (GDP) overall by 2030, and $50 trillion-$60 trillion (GDP/PPP) by 2050. 

China has already constructed over 1,000 GW of renewable power capacity (around 33% globally), three million 5G base stations (over 60%), and 40,000 km of high-speed rail (around 70%), lifted over 800 million people out of poverty, and invested over $1 trillion in global infrastructure under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).


China Heralds A New Global Economy. 

History has come full-circle and the dawn of the New World has arrived. It is Asian with a Chinese twist. Beijing is the new Chang'an. The future has been designed in China and the Dragon's Digital Dynasty is ready to go global.  


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Digital Dragon Dynasty Ltd/LLC

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