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Digital Provinces, Chinese Fourth Industrial Revolution (Renewable Energy, Digital Silk Road, Belt and Road Initiative), $405 million 270 MW Penonome Wind Farm (Goldwind, Panama, Latin America)

Latin America will feature a Nicaraguan Canal, a Brazilian-Peruvian railway, and a tunnel through the Andes in the BRI. 


Chinese trade with Latin America will increase to $500 billion and investment to $250 billion by 2025. 


China has constructed considerable infrastructure and has been at the heart of Latin America's renewable revolution such as the Delsitanisagua project that accounts for 10% of Ecuador’s hydropower capacity and provides power for 500,000 people and the hydropower UHV DC transmission initiative that will occur over 2,000 km between Belo Monte and Sao Paulo in Brazil. China has built renewable energy infrastructure continent-wide from Panama to Argentina. 


China is exporting its AI to Latin America for example in ride-hailing and autonomous vehicles in Brazil (world's sixth largest economy by GDP and 5th by PPP by 2050) which along with Mexico (8th by GDP and 7th by PPP) will become major economic powerhouses and spearhead the region’s rise over the next thirty years.  

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