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Chinese Spirituality, Taichu Calendar, Han Dynasty (206 BCE-220 CE)

Chinese spiritual culture has had many aspects shaped by nature from diet to medicine to philosophy.  


Heaven (tiān 天) governed as the supreme authority power under the Zhou Dynasty. 


Fēng shuǐ is the concept of geography influencing architectural plans. 


There are 12 lunar calendar animals; rat (鼠 shǔ) ox (牛 niú), tiger (虎 hǔ), rabbit (兔 tù), dragon (龙 long), snake (蛇 shé), horse (马 mǎ), sheep/goat (羊 yang) monkey (猴 hóu), rooster (鸡 jī), dog (狗 gǒu), and pig (猪 zhū). 


China’s ‘Four Deities’ of the dragon, phoenix, kylin, and tortoise are each associated with different traits (such as virtue and strength for the dragon) and all able to transform depending on the specific environment. 


Early astronomy had occurred at least by 500 BCE such as the zodiac cycle. 

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