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Digital Provinces, Chinese Fourth Industrial Revolution (Electric/Autonomous Vehicles), Tianjin

Jindong (JD) is China’s biggest online retailer and is standard-setting in terms of logistics and fulfilment delivery in at least over 40 cities within just two hours. 


JD is China’s second biggest e-commerce company and its ‘Unbounded Retail’ operates the full O2O ecosystem from supply chain to logistics. 


JD pioneered an unmanned digital supermarket, 7Fresh, that features smart product displays and automated shopping carts. 


Global firsts also include a fully autonomous B2C warehouse near Shanghai, drone delivery, and Level 4 autonomous vehicle delivery.


JD uses virtual and augmented reality in its apps and it has also branched into blockchain.  

Find out more about Jindong and the future of Chinese innovation in Digital Provinces Guide: Countdown to the Chinese CenturyDawn of the Digital Dragon Dynasty: Countdown to the Chinese Century, and Dawn of the Digital Dragon Dynasty: Chinese Companies e-books in Shop.

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