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Chinese Geography, Hengduan Mountains (Sichuan/Yunnan)

Chinese Geography is the third largest in the world by size and the country is bordered by North Korea on the east; Russia on the northeast; Mongolia on the north; Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan on the northwest; Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, and Bhutan on the west and southwest; Myanmar, Laos, and Vietnam on the south.


The Yangtze is China’s longest river at 3,915 miles (6,300 km) and third globally. 


The Beijing-Hangzhou Canal was a world pioneering artificial waterway over 2,500 years ago and still functions today as does the historic Dūjiāngyàn natural irrigation system. 


The Three Gorges Project, a “Great Wall on the water”, is the largest hydropower and water conservation project globally. 


China has 10% of the world’s animals, the vast majority of high-speed rail track, and has 55 UNESCO World Heritage Sites including China’s sacred five mountains and the oldest Buddhist grottoes globally at Dunhuang in Gansu. 

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