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Chinese Virtual Reality (Tianjin)

Understand the Chinese Fourth Industrial Revolution from AI to Renewable Energy to 5G.

China will become the world's leading economy by around 2025 due to Chinese innovation from Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies such as AI and 5G. 

China's economic transformation is still relatively nascent; by 2050 GDP will be far clear ($15 trillion) of the US and India (second by PPP (and by 2075 by GDP)). 


Urbanisation will be spearheaded by the Jing-jin-ji, Yangtze River Delta, and Greater Bay Area regions while rural areas will undertake an extraordinary change from digitisation and infrastructure construction with the charge being led by Chengdu, Wuhan, and Xi'an for example as global smart cities of the future are pioneered from the AI Cloud Valley (Chongqing) to the Liuzhou Forest City (Guangxi) to Xiong'an New Area (Hebei).  

Already China has constructed over 1,000 GW of renewable energy capacity (33% globally) that constitutes almost 50% nationally, three million 5G base stations (60%), and 40,000 km of high-speed railway track (70%).

1. AI

2. Blockchain

3. Drones

4. Electric/Autonomous Vehicles 

5. High-Speed Rail

6. Renewable Energy

7. Robotics

8. Smart Cities

9. Space Programme

10. Sport

11. Virtual/Augmented Reality

12. 3D Printing 

13. 5G

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