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Baidu, Digital Provinces, Chinese Fourth Industrial Revolution (Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Electric/Autonomous Vehicles, Robotics, Virtual/Augmented Reality, Smart Cities), Beijing

Baidu is China’s dominant internet search leader. 


Baidu's AI is pioneering in speech and image recognition with Ernie Bot to be utilised by Samsung Galaxy S24 smartphones for example as well as expertise also in smart speakers.


Baidu is at the forefront of autonomous vehicle testing and development in China that includes taxis and buses.


Baidu is constructing the world’s first AI city, the Xiong’an New Area’, around 100 km from Beijing that will have exclusive autonomous transport for example. 


Baidu's Xuperchain will be applied in China’s Blockchain Services Network. 

Find out more about Baidu and the future of Chinese innovation in Digital Provinces Guide: Countdown to the Chinese CenturyDawn of the Digital Dragon Dynasty: Countdown to the Chinese Century, and Dawn of the Digital Dragon Dynasty: Chinese Companies e-books in Shop.

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