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Digital Provinces, Chinese Fourth Industrial Revolution (Drones), Ehang

Chinese Drones will lead global consumer spending growth until 2024. 

The pioneering DJI is the leading global drone maker. Innovations include the foldable Mavic Pro and the hand-guided mini Spark. DJI stands for ‘Da-Jiang Innovations’ meaning “great ambition has no boundaries”.  


EHang operates a drone taxi service and engages in urban deliveries while its Ghost Drone is app-controlled. 


Chinese drones are already involved in rural e-commerce, medical deliveries to islands, emergency response such as fighting fires, disinfecting public areas, and pesticide spraying. 

Find out more about the future of drones in Digital Provinces Guide: Countdown to the Chinese Century, Dawn of the Digital Dragon Dynasty: Countdown to the Chinese Century, and Dawn of the Digital Dragon Dynasty: Global Economy e-books in Shop.


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