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Digital Provinces, Chinese Fourth Industrial Revolution (Renewable Energy)

The Chinese Renewable Revolution has created the world’s first environmental superpower as the country strives to become an “Ecological Civilisation”. 


60% of Chinese energy will be renewably-sourced by 2050 with more than $6 trillion invested over the next two decades. Already almost 50% of China's overall installed power capacity is renewable (at over 1,000 GW) and 30% of generated electricity.


China leads in the production, exportation, and installation of solar panels, wind turbines, electric batteries, and electric vehicles. 


China produces two and half times more renewable energy than any other country and has around one-third of global renewable energy capacity (including across each of solar, wind, and hydropower) that will rise to 43% overall by 2026. 

More electric vehicles are sold in China than in the rest of the world combined while 90% of global electric buses reside in its cities.  


The State Grid Corporation of China is constructing the Changji-Guquan electrical transmission line for 26.5 million people that will be equivalent to 12 major power plants and over a distance larger than between Barcelona and Moscow. China has an ambition to construct the first global electric super-grid. 

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